Timothy P. O’Malley

Timothy P. O’Malley is the director of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy, associate professional specialist in the department of theology at the University of Notre Dame, and founding editor of Church Life Journal.


  1. Stop Looking for a Francis Effect

    Timothy O'Malley celebrates the pope's birthday by taking another look at the "Francis effect" controversy. 

    Pope Francis

  2. Good Friday's Silence Speaks

    Timothy O’Malley, Director of the ND Center for Liturgy, attentively listens to the silence of Good Friday.

    Kefermarkt Crucifix Austria

  3. The Addictions of the Catholic Samizdat

    Timothy P. O’Malley, Director of the ND Center for Liturgy, looks at L'affaire Lewis and Covington Catholic through the lens of David Foster Wallace.

    Witkiewicz Self Portrait With Apples

  4. Joseph Ratzinger Is Not a Platonist

    Timothy P. O’Malley, Director of the ND Center for Liturgy, read's Benedict XVI conception of God as interrupting history rather than escaping into eternity.

    Mosaique Romaine

  5. Lead Us Not into Temptation

    Timothy O'Malley on the great temptations of power for those in the Church and the medicines of Lent.

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  6. The Conformism of Catholic Ideology

    Tim O'Malley, Director of the ND Center for Liturgy, calls for a healthy dose of charity to heal the toxic ideological madness on Catholic Twitter.

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  7. The Advent Apocalypse

    Timothy O'Malley, Director of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy, sends down some apocalyptic fire right into the middle of your Advent observance.
  8. Whose Liturgy? What Sacrifice?

    Tim O'Malley, Director of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy, reviews James K.A. Smith's new book Awaiting the King: Reforming Public Theology.
  9. The Catholic Imagination is Ecclesial (Or It's Not Really Catholic)

    In two previous articles, Artur Rosman, the Editor-in-Chief of Church Life, has advanced a proposal for what constitutes the Catholic imagination. According to Rosman, the Catholic imagination is often employed in departments of Catholic...
  10. Trinity Sunday: A Feast Celebrating Liturgy

    This weekend in the United States, we celebrate Trinity Sunday.  For the most part, our parishes will be inundated with a series of beige homilies, which celebrate not so much the mystery of the Triune God but the mathematical puzzl...

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  11. Does a Catholic School Evangelize?

    Our weekly post describing what you'll find in this week's Church Life. Celebrating Catholic Schools week, Church Life will ask this week: does a Catholic school evangelize?


  12. The Feast of the Holy Family: Not Just a Model

    Those of us suspicious of the pious platitudes that too often make their home in Catholic homiletic practice know that the feast of the Holy Family is a "code-red" day for such platitudes. We families assemble in our parishes a...

    Holy Family

  13. The God Who Had Strep Throat

    Timothy P. O'Malley, director of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy, on the powerful weakness of God revealed at Christmas in the infant Christ.


  14. Black Friday, Advent, and a Nativity Set

    Timothy P. O'Malley offers a way to get ready for the season of Advent. Forget heading to the malls with the crowds on Black Friday and instead set up a Nativity Set.
  15. The Politics of the Saints

    On this feast of All Saints Day, we remember that the saints present to us a politics of praise that are the ultimate vocation of the human being.

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  16. The Mystery of Fatherhood

    As an adopting father, I have a unique relationship with my child. While many babies bond with their mother through late night breastfeeding, as adopting parents, my wife and I split this nightly vigil. From his earliest days in the...


  17. The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

    Timothy P. O'Malley on how Mary's suffering, contemplated on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, is redemptive. Mary's pain makes our pain meaningful.

    Ourladyofsorrows 1

  18. The Excellence of the Cross

    This piece examines what the feast of the Holy Cross reveals about the purpose of Catholic higher education in the world today. It's about cruciform excellence.


  19. What You Should Say to Parents at First Communion

    Talking to First Communion parents soon? Dr. Timothy O'Malley suggests a way to speak to parents about the gift of First Communion for the entire family.


  20. Why (Most) Dorm Parties Make Love Impossible

    Last week, in the blog for my class on the sacrament of marriage, I addressed how pornography has malformed the imagination of most Catholics, making it difficult for the gift of love intrinsic to the spousal relationship to take pl...