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Catholic Education

Catholic Imagination


  1. Who Is the Priest We Want?

    John Cavadini on the priestly vocation of being set apart for one's parish.

    1100px Giuseppe Molteni Confession 1838


  1. The Founding Violence That Never Ends

    Cyril O'Regan, ND Huisking Chair of Theology, contemplates American history through Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian.


Notre Dame Press

  1. Can Concepts Capture Love?

    Claude Romano on Jean-Luc Marion's rigorous and rational philosophy of love.


Saturdays with the Saints

  1. Newman and the Dis-Asters of Modernity

      Cyril O'Regan, University of Notre Dame Huisking Chair in Theology, explains John Henry Newman's contribution to the present age.  

Science and Religion

  1. Evolution, Cooperation, and God

    Sarah Coakley on the compatibility of recent evolutionary discoveries with classical theism.

    1500 Tate Weather Project

Tech and Media

  1. Time and Meaning

    Frank Pasquale on the speed of a life worth living. 

    1100 Olga Boznanska Breton Woman

  2. A Requiem for Attention?

    Mike St. Thomas on losing the war against digital distraction with psychedelics.