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  1. Technology Is Not the Issue

    Georges Alsankary on the ethical quandaries of the experience machine.

    1500px Red And Blue Pill

  2. Time and Meaning

    Frank Pasquale on the speed of a life worth living. 

    1100 Olga Boznanska Breton Woman

  3. A Requiem for Attention?

    Mike St. Thomas on losing the war against digital distraction with psychedelics. 

    1100 Manet A Bar At The Folies Berg Re 1882

  4. Our New World Without Kith or Kin

    Scott Beauchamp, author of the forthcoming "Did You Kill Anyone?," breaks down the Second Demographic Transition's plague of lonely deaths.

    Loneliness In A Crowd

  5. War Is Boring

    Scott Beauchamp on the boredom of war and modern life.

    1280px Defense

  6. What Social Media Does to Time

    Leonard DeLorenzo, faculty member at the McGrath Institute for Church Life, breaks down how social media breaks down time.

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  7. Technology and the Mystical After Auschwitz

    Balázs Mezei, Philosophy Professor at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, analyzes the troubled fate of technology and spirituality in the wake of 20th century barbarisms.

    Auswitch Birkenau V G Nyok

  8. The Sacramentality of Time

    Katherine Infantine, Roncalli HS theology teacher, demonstrates how sacramental practices give us leisure from the constant busyness of the late modern world.

    Infantine 1