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  1. Humanae Vitae After Planned Parenthood v. Casey

    Charles Camosy, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics at Fordham, analyzes new approaches to fertility that respect and work with the body's ecology.

    Natural Cycles

  2. Medieval Rites and Contemporary Dying

    Elaine Stratton Hild, musicologist and NDIAS Fellow, looks at how medieval rites for the dying, especially music, can be applied to contemporary contexts.

    Ward In The Hospital In Arles

  3. An Ethic of Listening

    I love to write and speak—definitely a verbal processor—but I wouldn’t say I’m naturally a good listener. This double-edged sword makes me an effective rhetorician but also a candidate for what St. Paul refers to ...

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  4. How to Talk to Young People about the Dangers of Pornography

    As pornography becomes increasingly pervasive, the distinct divide between sacred image and profane picture is threatened; increasingly erotic images have less and less shock value. The previously middle ground between the two poles has ...


  5. Debunking Abortion Myths: Part 3

    In just over a week, hundreds of thousands of Americans will gather on the National Mall to protest the their country’s abortion policy, which ranks among the most permissive in the world. As abortion rates reach their lowest level...
  6. Debunking Abortion Myths: Part 2

    Political rhetoric often gives the impression that Americans’ views on abortion may be neatly categorized along ideological, generation, and gender lines. However, this ethereal narrative blurs and even obscures the on-the-ground r...
  7. Debunking Abortion Myths: Part 1

    Jessica Keating, Director of the ND Institute for Church Life Human Dignity & Life Initiatives, sets to demythologizing abortion commonplaces.
  8. Motherhood as a Path to Sainthood

    Saints throughout the ages have lived lives of heroic virtue in every imaginable context, as martyrs, missionaries, and mystics; doctors, lawyers, and teachers; workers, cloistered contemplatives, and itinerant beggars. There are also pl...

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  9. St. Teresa of Kolkata: Icon of Human Dignity

    I first “met” Mother Teresa when I was about eight years old passing countless times by a small magazine clipping posted on our fridge. On it was one of those striking photographs of her holding a small child, the lines deep ...

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  10. On the Catholic Origins of Human Rights

    The introduction of human rights language into the social mission of the Catholic Church evident in Pope John XXIII’s encyclical Pacem in terris (1963) is often seen as a delayed response to the modern world. From this perspective,...

    De Las Casas

  11. Laudato Si' and Environmental Works of Mercy

    I am going to start at the section of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ that I found most troubling and work up from there. I must say that since there are a lot of troubling sections, it was hard to choose, but that being...

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  12. Palliative Care and Dignity

    Phillipa Knaggs on the need to emphasize the dignity of palliative care.