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  1. Can the Feminine Speak?

    Abigail Favale on Woman in the Catholic imagination.

    Witold Pruszkowski Vision

  2. The Chief Target of the New Totalitarianism

    Jessica Hooten Wilson, Associate Professor of Literature at John Brown University, introduces the struggle between the family and the soft totalitarianism. 

    New Totalitarianism

  3. Deciphering the CDF on Hysterectomy and Sterilization

    Taylor Patrick O'Neill, Mt Mercy University Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, compares and contrast the recent statement on hysterectomies with past statements.

    La Ring Artists Wife

  4. Are Real-Life Pro-Lifers Only Pro-Birth?

    Claire Fyrqvist, writer and pro-life activist, questions the conventional wisdom that pro-lifers only care about the baby in the womb.

    Dorothea Lange Colorized

  5. The Pro-Life Movement at a Crossroads

    Charles Camosy, Fordham University Associate Professor of Christian Ethics, urges prudence as the present political situation places the pro-life movement at a major crossroads.

    Tiepolo Prudence

  6. The Newest War on Women

    Abigail Favale explores the recent mass transition out of femininity. 

    Dietrich Marlene

  7. Neo-Colonialism and Reproductive Health

    Obianuju Ekeocha, biomedical scientist and president of Culture of Life Africa, exposes the colonizing intent of Western aid to Africa.


  8. Ross Douthat’s Expanding Seamless Garment

    Charles Camosy, Fordham University Associate Professor of Christian Ethics, observes the expansion of the NYT columnist's pro-life horizons.

    New York Times

  9. Can Justice Demand Prison Abolition?

    Kathryn Getek Soltis, Villanova Center for Peace & Justice Education Director, reports on the growing case for prison abolition within Catholic teaching.

    Eustache Le Seur Justice

  10. From Slavery to Incarceration

    Katie Walker Grimes, Assistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at Villanova University, analyzes the roots of incarceration in slavery.

    Southern Chain Gang

  11. The Eclipse of Sex by the Rise of Gender

    Abigail Favale, Director of the William Penn Honors Program at George Fox, reconstructs the history of how collective focus shifted from sex to gender.

    Judith Butler

  12. Prisons Are a Biblical Abomination

    Vincent Lloyd, Villanova Associate Professor of Theology and Religious Studies, argues that the biblical language of abomination applies to prisons.

    Aerial Shot Of Pelican Bay State Prison Taken 27 July 2009

  13. Gestational Surrogacy Is Big Business

    Adeline Allen, Associate Professor at Trinity Law School, zeroes in on the legal issues surrounding gestational surrogacy and its connections to abortion.


  14. The Devastating Fallout from Prenatal Testing

    Mary O’Callaghan, ND Center for Ethics & Culture Public Policy Fellow, discusses the devastating effects of prenatal testing on disabled children.

    Praskoya Kovalyova

  15. After Failing the Covington Catholic Test

    Charles Camosy, Fordham Associate Professor of Christian Ethics, reconsiders his initial reactions to the Covington Catholic video and the March for Life.

    Covington Catholic