February 2017

New Orleans and the Catholic Imagination

Today is Mardi Gras. Timothy P. O'Malley treats the celebration of Mardi Gras as a way of understanding how to keep Holy Lent. Not with sadness but with hope.


The Light By Which We See: The Problem of Promise and Identity

Editors' Note: This post is an excerpt from the beginning of the first chapter of DeLorenzo’s new book Witness: Learning to Tell the Story of Grace That Illumine Our Lives, published by and reprinted with the permission of Ave Mari...

Editorial Musings: Does the Church Need the Arts?

Church Life takes up this week a key question: Does the Church need the arts? Do the arts need the Church? How might we rebuild a marriage that is necessary for the New Evangelization?

Visionofthenewjerusalem B

How to Talk to Young People about the Dangers of Pornography

As pornography becomes increasingly pervasive, the distinct divide between sacred image and profane picture is threatened; increasingly erotic images have less and less shock value. The previously middle ground between the two poles has ...