The TOP 25 Church Life Journal Reads of 2017

Church Life Journal is back from its Christmas hibernation. We promise that plenty of reading adventures await you on these pages in 2018.

But before that starts in full force, take a meditative glance back at Church Life Journal's most popular posts of 2017.

The rankings are based on pageviews. The titles of the pieces are linked, just in case you missed these pieces, or, would like to revisit them.

A Happy 2018 to you and yours!

  1. Human Dignity Was a Rarity Before Christianity by David Bentley Hart

  2. Editorial Musings: The Charism of Infertility by Timothy O'Malley

  3. The Perfect Family is an Idol by Anna Keating

  4. The Sex Life of Joseph and Mary by John Cavadini

  5. Life After Life After Death by Timothy Kelleher

  6. 97 Aphorisms Adduced from the Thought of Benedict XVI by Cyril O'Regan

  7. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd: Cultivating the Christian Imagination of the Child by Jessica Keating

  8. Black Bodies, Kneeling, and the Liturgy by Eric Styles

  9. Single Life Is More Fundamental for Christianity than both Married and Religious Life by Michael Altenburger

  10. MacIntyre on What is Sinking Catholic Education by Artur Rosman

  11. The Blessing of Marital Monotony by Richard Becker

  12. Further Reflections on Capital Punishment (and on Edward Feser) by David Bentley Hart

  13. Exposed: Why I Am a Christian by Anna Keating

  14. The Return to Ancient Traditions After the Death of God by Tomáš Halík

  15. Everything Looks Different After Priestly Ordination by Aaron Pidel, SJ

  16. Humor in the Bible by Charles Kestermeier, SJ

  17. Editorial Musings: Sacramental Formation in a Secular Age by Timothy O'Malley

  18. Disability Debunks the Late Modern Myth of Radical Autonomy by Susan Selner-Wright

  19. How to Talk to Young People about the Dangers of Pornography by China Weil

  20. The Church Life Journal “Sounds of Advent” Spotify Playlist by Carolyn Pirtle

  21. Forming Lifelong Disciples through Developmentally-Responsive Catechesis by Joseph D. White

  22. I Used to Be a Creationist by Noelle Johnson

  23. A Crisis of Eucharist: Will Our Children Stay Catholic? by Brad Klingele

  24. Westminster Cathedral and the Secular by Timothy O'Malley

  25. Editorial Musings: Can Liturgy Heal a Secular Age? by Timothy O'Malley

Our first piece of 2018 will be a follow-up to the following 2017 favorite:

Featured Image: Antonio Sicurezza, Still life with books and mandolin, 1957; Source Wikimedia, PD. 


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