Artur Sebastian Rosman

Artur Sebastian Rosman is the Editor-in-Chief of Church Life Journal.


  1. This Is Your Mind on Scriptures

    Gabriel Reynolds, Francesca Murphy, Mun'im Sirry, and Tzvi Novick on the importance of minding scripture(s). 

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  2. Church Life Journal's Best of 2018

    Artur Rosman, Managing Editor of Church Life Journal, reviews our journal's most-read essays of 2018 and looks forward to 2019.


  3. The Human Condition Is Not Pain Only

    Artur Rosman, Managing Editor of Church Life Journal, touches upon the healing possibilities of the most fundamental of the fives senses.

    The Incredulity Of Saint Thomas Caravaggio 1601 2

  4. The TOP 25 Church Life Journal Reads of 2017

    Artur Rosman, Managing Editor of Church Life Journal - McGrath Institute at University of Notre Dame, offers you the gift of the best readings from 2017.

    Antonio Sicurezza Still Life With Books And Mandolin

  5. The Confused Catholic Imagination

    It is commonplace to assume that the imagination is opposed to reality. This is not the prevailing understanding of the imagination in contemporary theory and theology. Let’s start with the following classic rock lyrics to clarify ...

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