Renée D. Roden

Renée D. Roden is a Master of Theological Studies student at the University of Notre Dame and a graduate fellow of the McGrath Institute for Church Life.


  1. Death and Bunnies All the Way Down?

    Renée Roden, Notre Dame MTS Graduate and freelance writer, reviews Oscars 2019 Best Picture nominee The Favourite.

    The Favourite

  2. The Redemption of Status and Hierarchy

    Renée Roden, graduate of ND's MTS program, gets beyond the Met Gala and reflects on the exhibition "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination."
  3. The Mysterious Miriam of Nazareth

    Renée Roden, ND MTS and Graduate Fellow at MICL, escapes the abstractions of mythopoesis by delving into the flesh and blood mysteries of the Virgin Mary.

    Mary Ecce Homo

  4. Desire Can Also Be Destructive

    SPOILER ALERT: This review of 2018 Oscar Best Picture nominee "Call Me By Your Name" does indeed contain spoilers.

    Call Me By Your Name E1519096014603

  5. Thomas Becket and the Witness of Friendship

    Renee Roden on the life of Thomas Becket as an icon of martyrdom. His martyrdom is not simply an expression of self-sacrifice. But authentic friendship.


  6. The Immaculate Conception: A Dogma of Consent

    The dogma of the Immaculate Conception is a doctrine that continually mystifies me. Each year as December rolls around, I annually struggle to understand what exactly is so significant here that elevates this feast to a holy day of ...

    1200 Px Immaculate Conception Zurbaran

  7. Sacramental Sex?

    Renee Roden reviews a talk by Donna Frietas at the University of Notre Dame on the hook-up culture at Catholic universities.


  8. Silence and Decision 2016

    What does a Christian do in a election when faced with a difficult decision? Renee Roden on Rodrigues' decision in Silence as a way of forming consciences.