February 2018

René Girard's Thoughts for a New Nuclear Age

Cynthia Haven, René Girard biographer, chronicles Girard's development of ideas about human nature that are fundamental to humanity's survival.

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Death Clarifies What We Love

Gregory Floyd, who teaches in the Core Program at Seton Hall, considers a kind of theology that is not written in words, but written in lives.

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The Very Human Fears of the Saints

Colleen Halpin, Church Life Intern at the Institute for Church Life, considers how hope coexists with harrowing uncertainty in the the lives of the saints.

Desire Can Also Be Destructive

SPOILER ALERT: This review of 2018 Oscar Best Picture nominee "Call Me By Your Name" does indeed contain spoilers.

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Gravity and Grace and Lady Bird

Carolyn Pirtle, Program Director of the ND Center for Liturgy, gives full attention to Lady Bird's balanced portrayal of Catholic schools.

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Lead Us Not into Temptation

Timothy O'Malley on the great temptations of power for those in the Church and the medicines of Lent.

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The Exodus and Apocalypse All in One

Elias Crim, founder of Solidarity Hall and Host of Dorothy's Place, looks at the world of 258 million refugees through the lens of Middle-Eastern Christians.

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The Human Condition Is Not Pain Only

Artur Rosman, Managing Editor of Church Life Journal, touches upon the healing possibilities of the most fundamental of the fives senses.

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The Pornification of Desire

Anthony Smyth, ND Junior majoring in science, business, and theology, gives his Story of Grace, a process of reeducating desire toward its proper object.

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