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  1. Love Before Work

    Colleen Halpin, Church Life Intern at the MICL, considers Maximilian Kolbe's witness of love against the message of Auschwitz's gates.

    1024px Auschwitz 2

  2. The Cry of the Earth in Pan-Amazonia

    Lucas Briola, Assistant Theology Professor at Saint Vincent College, unearths striking CST developments in a pre-synod document on the Pan-Amazonian region.

    1280px Amazon River 2018

  3. The Spiritual Desert Isn't Optional

    Joshua J. Whitfield, theologian and Pastoral Administrator, looks for a preaching that can resound in our desertified spiritual landscape.


  4. The Message Is the Messenger

    Anne-Sophie Constant, Jean Vanier's biographer, reflects on Vanier's witness to God choosing the weak of the world to shame the strong.

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  5. Pilate's Question in a Post-Truth Context

    Melanie Barrett, Mundelein Seminary Department of Moral Theology Chairperson, on Decision-Making, Conscience Formation, & Pastoral Care in a post-truth age.

    Nicholas Ge Christ Before Pilate

  6. On the Particular Grace of Palm Branches

    Drew Denton, Director of Faith Formation at Immaculate Heart of Mary in Atlanta, delves into Terrence Malick and the complex symbolism of Palm Sunday.

    Denton Palm Sunday Crop

  7. The Clear Message of Christus Vivit

    Vincent J. Reilly, Director of Faith Formation at St. Catherine Catholic Church, looks with Pope Francis at Christ crucified and risen.


  8. The Roots of American Catholic Polarization

    Robert G. Christian III, co-founder and editor of Millennial Journal, digs up the political roots of American Catholic polarization.

    Cumberland Merrimack

  9. Life, Language, and Christ Today

    Olivier-Thomas Venard, OP, Deputy Director of École Biblique et Archéologique, on how Aquinas can help biblical interpretation in a postmodern context.

    Deesis Hagia Sophia

  10. The Solemn Joy of Lent

    Carolyn Pirtle, Program Director of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy, starts a musical look at the growing anticipation amidst Lent penitence.

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  11. Catholicism's Decisive Shift Toward Africa

    Isaiah Jones, PhD candidate in Education at Utah State University, considers the challenges posed by the Church's center shifting to Africa.

    1280px Gift Of The Ocean

  12. Confronting a Sinful Church

    Brandon R. Peterson, University of Utah Department of Philosophy Lecturer, on the cognitive dissonance of speaking of the Church as holy.

    Colossus Of Constantine

  13. Unfulfilled Promise: The Synod on Young People

    Leonard DeLorenzo, faculty member at the McGrath Institute for Church Life, compares the expectations and achievements of the Synod on Young People.

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  14. The Addictions of the Catholic Samizdat

    Timothy P. O’Malley, Director of the ND Center for Liturgy, looks at L'affaire Lewis and Covington Catholic through the lens of David Foster Wallace.

    Witkiewicz Self Portrait With Apples

  15. Catechesis as a Way of Life

    Robert B. Williams, practicing psychologist with an interest in catechesis and spiritual care, discusses invaluable developmental tasks for the family church.

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  16. A Garden Lurking Beneath the Floorboards

    Andrew Kuiper, writer and editor, cultivates an appreciation for Sergei Bulgakov's attempt to redeem the dismal science of economics.

    Gustave Caillebotte The Floor Planers Google Art Project

  17. The Chief Obstacles to Good Spiritual Direction

    Peter Andrastek, Senior Consultant for The Evangelical Catholic, outlines the main obstacles to consistently good spiritual direction on the parish level.

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  18. The Political Pawning of Saints

    John Michael Hogue, Su Casa Catholic Worker community member, looks back at the polarization that followed the canonizations of Sts. Romero and Paul VI.

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  19. Does the Mass Say Christmas Is About Justice?

    John O’Callaghan, ND Associate Professor of Philosophy, questions the liturgy to see whether Christmas is about justice or... something else.

    Jan Baptist Van Meunincxhove The Burg In Bruges

  20. Love Is Always Conditional

    Leonard DeLorenzo, faculty member at the McGrath Institute for Church Life, on the conditions that make the human condition what it is.

    Medieval Saints

  21. The Four Waves of the U.S. Catholic Abuse Crisis

    Kim Daniels, Initiative on Catholic Social Thought & Public Life Associate Director, puts the 2018 crisis in historical perspective & looks for a way forward.

    Aivazovsky Ivan The Ninth Wave E1544993585586

  22. The Sham Practice of Christmas

    Haley Stewart, writer, speaker, and podcaster looks to Josef Pieper and Charles Dickens to critique the hyper-commercialization of the Christmas season.

    Christmas Shopping 5196281349

  23. The Virgin Mary as “Eternal Woman”

    Ann Astell, ND Professor of Theology, revisits Getrud von Le Fort's theology of femininity in light of Prudence Allen's Concept of Woman.

    Pilgrim Praying In Front Of Icon Of Saint Mary In Ukraine

  24. Advocata Nostra and the Devil's Due

    Stephen Metzger, PhD ND Medieval Institute, investigates the meaning and purpose of calling the Blessed Virgin Mary our advocate, especially during Advent.

    Mary Punching Devil

  25. Dignity or Victimhood?

    Abigail Favale, George Fox University Director of the William Penn Honors Program, examines to what extent victimhood culture should be adopted by Christians.

    Titian Salome Baptist

  26. Why Is Christian Citizenship a Paradox?

    Émilie Tardivel-Schick, Institut Catholique de Paris Director of the Chair of the Common Good, outlines the political theology of Paul and the Early Fathers.

    Apsis Mosaic Santa Pudenziana Rome W6