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  1. The Sham Practice of Christmas

    Haley Stewart, writer, speaker, and podcaster looks to Josef Pieper and Charles Dickens to critique the hyper-commercialization of the Christmas season.

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  2. The Virgin Mary as “Eternal Woman”

    Ann Astell, ND Professor of Theology, revisits Getrud von Le Fort's theology of femininity in light of Prudence Allen's Concept of Woman.

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  3. Advocata Nostra and the Devil's Due

    Stephen Metzger, PhD ND Medieval Institute, investigates the meaning and purpose of calling the Blessed Virgin Mary our advocate, especially during Advent.

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  4. Dignity or Victimhood?

    Abigail Favale, George Fox University Director of the William Penn Honors Program, examines to what extent victimhood culture should be adopted by Christians.

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  5. Why Is Christian Citizenship a Paradox?

    Émilie Tardivel-Schick, Institut Catholique de Paris Director of the Chair of the Common Good, outlines the political theology of Paul and the Early Fathers.

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  6. The Roman Church as Casta Meretrix

    Gary A. Anderson, ND Hesburgh Professor of Theology, discusses the applicability of a certain biblical metaphor and its reception history to the abuse crisis.

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  7. Salvation: More Than a Cliché?

    Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Emeritus and theologian, asks whether in our times the word "salvation" has been emptied out of all meaning.

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  8. Are Our Children Seeing Jesus?

    Brad Klingele, eighth grade teacher, writes about teaching children (and ourselves) to see Our Lord and Savior who is doubly-hidden in modern societies.

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  9. The Strange Myths of the New Evangelization

    Mark Giszczak, Augustine Institute Associate Professor of Sacred Scripture, uses hard data to unmask the myth of Catholic decline in the United States.

    Oedipus And Sphinx

  10. Good Friday: Creation Always Exists in Darkness

    Domenic Canonico, MTS student at the University of Notre Dame, contemplates the Trinity through William Congdon's depiction of Good Friday's sublime suffering.

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  11. Death Clarifies What We Love

    Gregory Floyd, who teaches in the Core Program at Seton Hall, considers a kind of theology that is not written in words, but written in lives.

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  12. Am I the Mother of Christ?

    John Cavadini tries to imagine what Isaac of Stella means by giving birth to Christ.

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  13. Beauty Already Has Saved the World

    St. Paul concludes his letter to the Philippians with an exhortation: Finally, beloved, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence and...

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  14. "You can eat with us": On Poverty and Community

    Twenty years ago, I asked Paul, the tall, burly, blunt, and opinionated leader of the Catholic soup kitchen, if I could take my youth group to serve dinner. “Nope!” he barked. Startled, I squeaked out, “Um, why?” ...


  15. Does a Catholic School Evangelize?

    Our weekly post describing what you'll find in this week's Church Life. Celebrating Catholic Schools week, Church Life will ask this week: does a Catholic school evangelize?


  16. The Virgin of Guadalupe and the Season of Advent

    For some Christian people throughout the world, especially Mexican and Mexican-American Christians, December 12, of course, is the celebration of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe. The feast commemorates her December 9–12, 1531 appearan...

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  17. The Politics of the Saints

    On this feast of All Saints Day, we remember that the saints present to us a politics of praise that are the ultimate vocation of the human being.

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  18. The Word Made Beautiful: The Saint John's Bible

    A few years ago the McGrath Institute for Church Life welcomed Donald Jackson, the visionary calligrapher commissioned by St. John’s University in Collegeville to create a hand-written illuminated Bible using techniques that date b...

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  19. Asceticism as Healing Art

    Healing takes many different forms because it is a response to many different kinds of threats. A cut and a broken leg are each healed differently because the damage is different; nevertheless, the same end is sought in both cases. The r...

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