August 2018

Vaporwave and Simone Weil's Void

Scott Beauchamp, writer and author of the forthcoming "Did You Kill Anyone?," introduces the vaporwave aesthetic as a compliment to Simone Weil's mysticism.

Vaporwave Venus

A Case for Change: Reform and Church Teaching

Brandon R. Peterson, University of Utah Department of Philosophy Lecturer, takes a wide historical and doctrinal look at Benedict XVI's "hermeneutic of reform."

Zeno Moving Rows Paradox

Embrace Negativity or Risk Never Being Happy

Chase Padusniak, Princeton English Department PhD candidate, takes Byung-Chul Han as guide through the paradoxes of (not) attaining true happiness.

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Looking for the New Atheist Virgil

John Knox, Liberty University Associate Professor of Sociology, reviews Jerry Coyne's Faith vs. Fact and finds it to be at times an almost reliable guide.

Virgil Luca Signiorelli

Technology and the Mystical After Auschwitz

Balázs Mezei, Philosophy Professor at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, analyzes the troubled fate of technology and spirituality in the wake of 20th century barbarisms.

Auswitch Birkenau V G Nyok

Addressing the American Suicide Contagion

Anna Keating, author of The Catholic Catalogue & Colorado College Catholic chaplain, proposes solutions to the suicide epidemic in the United States.

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Cultivating Benedictine Wonder

Jane Peters, writer and PhD candidate in historical theology at Marquette University, gives you a generous first-person slice of the Benedictine life.

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