January 2018

Christians Dare Not Shirk the Work of Ecumenism

Christopher Wells, Executive Director of the Living Church Foundation, explains why ecumenical dialogue is not an optional extra that can be ignored.

Bestowing Charity Hastily

Colleen Halpin, ND McGrath Institute Church Life Intern, flows into the depths of Mother Teresa and Thérèse of Lisieux's Marian rhythms.

Why People Debating Abortion Can't Agree

David Walsh, CUA Professor of Politics, discusses the mystery of the person and the unintended impersonal consequences of the personalist revolution.

Edouard Manet Le Chemin De Fer Google Art Project

We Are Not Saved Alone

Patrick Cruitt, ND theology and psychology (2014), argues Henri de Lubac influenced Pope Francis in his focus on the common destiny of man.

1280px Rome Et Place Saint Pierre Vues De La Coupole

The Conformism of Catholic Ideology

Tim O'Malley, Director of the ND Center for Liturgy, calls for a healthy dose of charity to heal the toxic ideological madness on Catholic Twitter.

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The Saint for a Troubled Church

Colin May, Professor of Criminal Justice and Forensic Studies at Stevenson University, finds comfort and guidance in the life and works of St. Bonaventure.

800px Vittore Crivelli Saint Bonaventure

Now We Must Dismantle the Tree

Renée Roden, Notre Dame MTS student and Graduate Fellow at the McGrath Institute for Church Life, discusses Auden and maintaining the Vision of Christmas.

The TOP 25 Church Life Journal Reads of 2017

Artur Rosman, Managing Editor of Church Life Journal - McGrath Institute at University of Notre Dame, offers you the gift of the best readings from 2017.