Erasmus and the Second Vatican Council

John Courtney Murray referred to the development of doctrine as the “issue under the issues” at Vatican II.[1] Whether the Council Fathers considered changing the practice of liturgy, the teaching on religious freedom, or the...

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10 Books for Adult Faith Formation: Part 3

Continuing our five-part follow-up to the essay "Forming Adults in Faith Through Fiction," here are the next ten recommended books for use in adult faith formation. 21) Patricia Hample, Virgin Time: In Search of the Contemplati...

Motherhood as a Path to Sainthood

Saints throughout the ages have lived lives of heroic virtue in every imaginable context, as martyrs, missionaries, and mystics; doctors, lawyers, and teachers; workers, cloistered contemplatives, and itinerant beggars. There are also pl...

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10 Books for Adult Faith Formation: Part 2

Continuing our five-part follow-up to the essay "Forming Adults in Faith Through Fiction," here are the next ten recommended books for use in adult faith formation. 11) Dorothy Day, The Long Loneliness This spiritual autobiography shows ...

How to Pray the Rosary with Middle Schoolers

Sammi Kretz describes introducing the Rosary to her middle school students and reflects on the importance of Marian devotion and traditional prayers.

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The Mystery of Fatherhood

As an adopting father, I have a unique relationship with my child. While many babies bond with their mother through late night breastfeeding, as adopting parents, my wife and I split this nightly vigil. From his earliest days in the...


Speaking to the Heart

Ellen Voegele describes the ministry of COR at East 220, an organization that welcomes adults interested in exploring Catholicism or growing in faith.

St. Matthew, Child of God

Karla Bellinger, of the Marten Program, gives a homily for the Feast of St. Matthew for the McGrath Institute for Church Life's monthly Vespers.


Effective Catholic Preaching--Part 1

Michael Connors, C.S.C. invites comments on what makes effective Catholic preaching in preparation of the Marten Program's sixth major conference


"A Good Catholic Meddles in Politics"

Mike Jordan Laskey offers sound advice to Catholics about engaging in political life before, during, and especially after the upcoming election.

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God's Patience and the Bible

How do we teach our students the virtue of patience? John Paul Manfredi suggests that this education can take place through forming our students to read the Scriptures.


10 Books for Adult Faith Formation: Part 1

As a follow-up to her essay "Forming Adults in Faith through Fiction," Mary Ann Wilson provides a list of 50 recommended titles. Here are books 1–10.

How to Become a Catechist

Trention Mattingly, an Echo 13 apprentice, discusses what he's learned about being a catechetical leader in the Diocese of St. Augustine.


Why Chant is Good for Children

My three year old son is a regular Mass-goer. Aware of his very short attention span, we make sure to sit in the front each and every Sunday. He loves when there is singing, especially chant. He loves elaborate processions. He loves ince...


An Invitation to Vespers

What is Vespers? Why should we pray it? Carolyn Pirtle invites you to rediscover this ancient form of prayer and join us for Vespers on September 21 at 5:15pm in Geddes Hall.

Forming Adults in Faith Through Fiction

Can reading a novel really help a person grow in faith? Mary Ann Wilson answers yes, arguing that literature can play a key role in adult faith formation.

The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

Timothy P. O'Malley on how Mary's suffering, contemplated on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, is redemptive. Mary's pain makes our pain meaningful.

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