Stories of Grace: Episode 3

"I started to think about how often I had told others I would pray for them.  I used it as a meaningless phrase to convey that they were in my mind.  But had I ever really prayed for them?  Really prayed?"

Visit here to listen to Notre Dame senior Andy Miles tell the story of encountering the God who never tires of our prayers, through the witness of his mother praying the rosary. Subscribe to the free Stories of Grace podcast on iTunes U and receive automatic notifications when a new story is published.

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Editor’s note: This is the third episode of a regular podcast featuring Notre Dame undergraduate students and others from the university community. In Stories of Grace, listen to others share their encounters with God and his workings in their lives.


Andy Miles

Andy Miles is a senior studying Theology and Pre-Health.  He served as a mentor with Notre Dame Vision in 2015 and 2016.  He finds a strange joy in ironing and has spent considerable time amassing knowledge of useless sports trivia.

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