Black Friday, Advent, and a Nativity Set

Timothy P. O'Malley offers a way to get ready for the season of Advent. Forget heading to the malls with the crowds on Black Friday and instead set up a Nativity Set.

Lectio Divina with Middle Schoolers

Sami Burr learns to encounter Jesus Christ in Lectio Divina as a teacher. The teacher isn't just facilitating an activity. The teacher must also pray.


Teaching As If the Kingdom Has Come

Alex White on how the theology teacher can't be complacent as an educator. The theology teacher is to teach as if the kingdom of God itself has come.


Incarnation and Re-Incarnation

Samantha Burr on the importance of theological education in becoming a good theology teacher. You can't know method alone. You have to know the subject.

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Sacramental Sex?

Renee Roden reviews a talk by Donna Frietas at the University of Notre Dame on the hook-up culture at Catholic universities.


Pilgrimage and the Urgent Question of Faith

What happens when a pilgrimage becomes an urgent question? Leonard DeLorenzo thinks about this after his recent pilgrimage to Malta with Notre Dame.

Mary And Child

Silence and Decision 2016

What does a Christian do in a election when faced with a difficult decision? Renee Roden on Rodrigues' decision in Silence as a way of forming consciences.


Promising Too Much

Abbot Austin Murphy of St. Procopius Abbey preaches on the sin of placing too much hope in the promises of politics. We have a different hope.

The Politics of the Saints

On this feast of All Saints Day, we remember that the saints present to us a politics of praise that are the ultimate vocation of the human being.

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A Trumpian Examination of Conscience

Renee Roden uses some of Donald Trump's more salacious comments during the election season as an opportunity to examine her own conscience.


The Word Made Beautiful: The Saint John's Bible

A few years ago the McGrath Institute for Church Life welcomed Donald Jackson, the visionary calligrapher commissioned by St. John’s University in Collegeville to create a hand-written illuminated Bible using techniques that date b...

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10 Books for Adult Faith Formation: Part 4

Continuing our five-part follow-up to the essay "Forming Adults in Faith Through Fiction," here are the next ten recommended books for use in adult faith formation. 31) C. S. Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia This children's series unfolds...