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  1. Can Concepts Capture Love?

    Claude Romano on Jean-Luc Marion's rigorous and rational philosophy of love.

    1500 Courbet Lovers In The Country

  2. Toni Morrison’s Theological Grotesque

    Christina Bieber Lake, Kilby Professor of English at Wheaton College, highlights the thick theological resources used by Morrison in Beloved.

    1280px Toni Morrison 2008

  3. The Essence of African Traditional Religion

    Fr. Paulinus Ikechukwu Odozor, ND Assistant Professor of Moral Theology, distills the basic features of African Traditional Religion.

    Queen Mother Pendant Mask Iyoba Met Dp231460

  4. Marxism and Religion

    Alasdair MacIntyre, Distinguished Research Fellow at the ND Center for Ethics & Culture, compares Marxist hope to Christian ideals.

    Pripyat Blue Space Painting

  5. The Storming of the Winter Palace

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Prize winning author and Russian dissident, dramatizes the storming of the Winter Palace during the Russian Revolution.

    After The Storming Of The Winter Palace St

  6. Why People Debating Abortion Can't Agree

    David Walsh, CUA Professor of Politics, discusses the mystery of the person and the unintended impersonal consequences of the personalist revolution.

    Edouard Manet Le Chemin De Fer Google Art Project