Timothy O'Malley

Timothy P. O’Malley is the Director of Education at the McGrath Institute for Church Life, where he also serves as Academic Director of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy. He teaches and researches at Notre Dame in the areas of liturgical-sacrmental theology, catechesis, and aesthetics. He is the author of numerous articles and books, most recently, the forthcoming Divine Blessing: Liturgical Formation in the RCIA.


  1. Welcome to Our New Site!

    Senior Editors Timothy O'Malley and Artur Sebastian Rosman invite you to browse through our new user-friendly site.

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  2. The Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire Isn't a Sign

    Timothy O’Malley, ND Center for Liturgy Director, reads the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral fire theologically, rather than purely culturally.

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  3. First Sunday in Advent: The Bridegroom Comes

    Timothy O'Malley, Director ND Center for Liturgy, kicks off our Advent commentary on devotional poetry series with Christina Rossetti's "Advent Sunday."

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  4. There Is No Salvation Through the University

    Timothy O'Malley, Director of the ND Center for Liturgy, on the insignificance of law school admissions and entrance into MBA programs for salvation.

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  5. Being Liturgical

    Timothy P. O'Malley, Director of the University of Notre Dame Center for Liturgy, on the kind of formation that is essential to the post-modern age.

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  6. Sacramentalized but Not Evangelized?

    Timothy P. O'Malley, Director of the University of Notre Dame Center for Liturgy, questions the coherence of the well-known phrase.

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  7. The Serious Sacrificial Body

    Timothy O'Malley, Director of the University of Notre Dame Center for Liturgy, refuses substitutions for the real body of Christ.

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  8. Letting the Imagination Out to Play

    Last weekend, I was in Philadelphia for the Society for Catholic Liturgy. This “multidisciplinary association of Catholic scholars” seeks to promote the “scholarly study and practical renewal of the Church’s litur...


  9. Editorial Musings: Nourishing the Imagination, Renewing the Church

    As I write this week's editorial musings, the McGrath Institute for Church Life is engaged in final preparations for our annual summer programming. We will welcome to the University of Notre Dame liturgical and sacramental catechist...


  10. Can We Get Lent Wrong?

    Timothy P. O'Malley on the various ways that we can get Lent wrong. And how we should approach this season of grace as time to desire God aright.

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  11. New Orleans and the Catholic Imagination

    Today is Mardi Gras. Timothy P. O'Malley treats the celebration of Mardi Gras as a way of understanding how to keep Holy Lent. Not with sadness but with hope.


  12. Editorial Musings: Does the Church Need the Arts?

    Church Life takes up this week a key question: Does the Church need the arts? Do the arts need the Church? How might we rebuild a marriage that is necessary for the New Evangelization?

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