Clarifying the Virtues and Limits of Nationalism

Randall B. Smith, Scanlan Endowed Professor of Moral Theology at UST Houston, explores how the Catholic Church can understand its role among the nations. 

Vienna Barricade

Charles Taylor Queried

Anthony Sciglitano, Seton Hall Associate Professor in Religion, asks whether Catholic theology really has an ally in Charles Taylor.

Charles Taylor Philosopher

We're Not Mystics

Chase Padusniak, PhD candidate in Princeton's English Department, deepens Rahner’s line on mysticism.

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You Gotta Confront Who You Are!

Travis Lacy, ND PhD Candidate in Systematic Theology, confronts the unsettling reality of monastic prayer.

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Protestant Fiction Needs the Catholic Imagination

Jessica Hooten Wilson, Associate Professor of Literature and Creative Writing at John Brown University, shares some ideas on how to improve Protestant fiction. 

Pope Calvin Luther

The Empty Exalted Cross's Paradoxical Power

Andrea Peecher, ND MTS student, draws on ancient sources to explain the meaning of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross.

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Discernment for the Postmodern Condition

William Watson, SJ, director of the Sacred Story Institute, explains how discernment can help us navigate an age of cultural meltdown. 

Ignatius Rubens

What Is the Catholic Imagination?

Michael Murphy, Director of the Hank Center at Loyola University Chicago, invites you to reexamine a hotly debated notion. 

Catholic Imagination

Once Upon a Time of Violence

David Griffith, writer and educator, ponders the ties between real and on-screen violence with the help of Tarantino's latest film.


The Hazards of Online Faith-Writing

Amy Welborn, author of over two dozen books on Catholic spirituality, warns about the dangers of burnout in faith-writing.

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John Paul II's Labor on Marx

Angela Franks, Professor of Theology at St. John's Seminary in Boston, demonstrates how the pope critiqued and developed Marx's theory of labor.

Marx Streetlight

Our New World Without Kith or Kin

Scott Beauchamp, author of the forthcoming "Did You Kill Anyone?," breaks down the Second Demographic Transition's plague of lonely deaths.

Loneliness In A Crowd

Atheism's Lessons for Theists

Terence Sweeney, Villanova doctoral candidate in Philosophy, shows how atheism can resposition belief.

Blessing Of The Wedding By Sergei Gribkov 1886 1

A Brief Theology of the As If

Philipp W. Rosemann, Chair of Philosophy at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, presents a novel Ratzingerian approach to the faith.

Vatican Stpaul Statue

Toni Morrison’s Theological Grotesque

Christina Bieber Lake, Kilby Professor of English at Wheaton College, highlights the thick theological resources used by Morrison in Beloved.

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Curiosity's Lure from Dante to Moby Dick

Brendan Case, Research Associate in Baylor's Institute for Studies of Religion, traces the changes in how we evaluate curiosity. 

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