The Chief Target of the New Totalitarianism

Jessica Hooten Wilson, Associate Professor of Literature at John Brown University, introduces the struggle between the family and the soft totalitarianism. 

New Totalitarianism

An Eschatology of the Secular

Jordan Haddad, Associate Professor of Dogmatic Theology at Notre Dame Seminary, explains the eschatological nature of the laity.

York Minster New Jerusalem

Christ and Digital Media

Aaron Riches, Assistant Professor of theology at Benedictine College, liturgically deconstructs the acceleration of images in the digital age.

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Jean-Louis Chrétien's Wounded Word

Timothy Troutner, ND PhD Candidate in systematic theology, celebrates the life and work of Jean-Louis Chrétien.

Delaroix Jacob Angel

Looking Awry at Resurrection Bodies

D.B. Hart, theologian and New Testament translator, responds to critiques of his essay on resurrection bodies. 

Fra Angelico Resurrection

The Founding Violence That Never Ends

Cyril O'Regan, ND Huisking Chair of Theology, contemplates American history through Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian.

1280px What An Unbranded Cow Has Cost By Frederic Remington 1895

Long After the Prodigal Son's Return

Leonard DeLorenzo, faculty member at the McGrath Institute for Church Life, engages Abigail Favale's memoir to reimagine the period long after the Prodigal's return. 

Rodin Prodigal Son

Golden Beauty Lies Sometimes

Anne Carpenter, Assistant Professor of Theology at St. Mary’s College, critiques the Baroque Catholic imagination through the history of race.

Caravaggio Young Sick Bacchus

Jesus Reveals God in Hiddenness

Ben Wilson, Director of the Summer Service Learning Program at ND’s Center for Social Concerns, writes about participating in the hidden life of Jesus. 

Odilon Redon Christ

Deciphering the CDF on Hysterectomy and Sterilization

Taylor Patrick O'Neill, Mt Mercy University Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, compares and contrast the recent statement on hysterectomies with past statements.

La Ring Artists Wife

How to Echo the Faith Across Generations

Brian Pedraza, Assistant Professor of Theology at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University, writes to his son about passing the faith.

Larsson My Workshop

Economics After Luther

John Milbank, President of the Centre of Theology & Philosophy, reconsiders the role Luther played in the emergence of unfettered capitalism. 

Lucas Cranach D

Lourdes from the Perspective of a Wheelchair

Catherine Sims Kuiper, Postdoctoral Fellow at Notre Dame’s Kaneb Center, relates what it's like to visit Lourdes as a deeply ill pilgrim. 


Are Real-Life Pro-Lifers Only Pro-Birth?

Claire Fyrqvist, writer and pro-life activist, questions the conventional wisdom that pro-lifers only care about the baby in the womb.

Dorothea Lange Colorized

Values or Virtues?

Rémi Brague, Emeritus Professor of medieval and Arabic philosophy at the University of Paris I, illustrates the crucial difference between virtue and value. 

Still Life With A Globe And Cockatoo Pieter Boel

A Priest for James Carroll

Joshua J. Whitfield, theologian and Pastoral Administrator, describes what the abuse scandal looks like from the inside. 

1280px Palmsunday Mass St

The Pro-Life Movement at a Crossroads

Charles Camosy, Fordham University Associate Professor of Christian Ethics, urges prudence as the present political situation places the pro-life movement at a major crossroads.

Tiepolo Prudence

The Severity of Universal Salvation

Taylor Ross, Duke PhD student of Early Christianity, scrutinizes the severe logic of universal salvation as taught by some of the Fathers. 


What Makes Charles Taylor so Attractive?

Anthony Sciglitano, Seton Hall Associate Professor in Religion, gives four reasons why philosopher Charles Taylor's work is important to ecclesial life.

1280px Charles Taylor 2019

Love Before Work

Colleen Halpin, Church Life Intern at the MICL, considers Maximilian Kolbe's witness of love against the message of Auschwitz's gates.

1024px Auschwitz 2

War Is Boring

Scott Beauchamp, author of the forthcoming Did You Kill Anyone?, on the boredom of war and modern life.

1280px Defense