July 2018

Humanae Vitae After Planned Parenthood v. Casey

Charles Camosy, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics at Fordham, analyzes new approaches to fertility that respect and work with the body's ecology.

Natural Cycles

None of Us Shall Enter the Kingdom?

Luís Pinto de Sá, SLU doctoral candidate in philosophy, looks at one of the classics of world cinema, Ordet, a film about the theological virtue of faith.


The Resplendent Completion of the Liberal Arts

Anne Carpenter, Assistant Professor of Theology at Saint Mary’s College, invites you to think about the meaning of meaning and the aim of the liberal arts.

Ora et Labora: Christians Don't Need Leisure

Paul J. Griffiths, former Duke Warren Chair of Catholic Theology, argues that there is nothing for the Christian between work and prayer in a Fallen World.

Two Monks Working In The Blacksmith Shop At Mission Santa Barbara Ca

The Benedictine Charism of Slow Evangelization

Br. Stanley Rother Wagner, OSB, a junior monk of Saint Meinrad Archabbey, on how ritual slowly cultivates the inner-longing of our hearts.

Stories Of Saint Benedict In Monte Oliveto Maggiore By Giovanni Antonio Bazzi 1 E1531801987413

Remembering Creation Through the Saturday Sabbath

Fr. Matthew Dallman, pastor of the Parish of Tazewell County, recommends taking the Sabbath to contemplate the Lord through his wondrous works of creation.

Apocalypse Beatus

The Horror Inherent in Leisure

Bo Bonner on the overlooked horror-inducing quality of leisure and its orientation toward transcendence.

Munch Scream Pastel

Work: A Four-Letter Word?

Charles Kestermeier, SJ, instructor in the English department at Creighton University, reflects on the Christian ambivalence towards the world of work.

Martha And Mary Caravaggio

The Sacramentality of Time

Katherine Infantine, Roncalli HS theology teacher, demonstrates how sacramental practices give us leisure from the constant busyness of the late modern world.

Infantine 1

Josef Pieper's Critique of Western Civ

Elias Crim, founder of Solidarity Hall and host of Dorothy's Place, reflects upon the subversive legacy of Josef Pieper, philosopher of leisure and culture.