June 2018

The Patron Saint of Media Studies

Brett Robinson, Director of Communications at the McGrath Institute for Church Life, argues that the Eucharist drove McLuhan's techno-theological criticism.

The Medium Is The Message Marshall Mcluhan

The Idolatry of Work

Carole Baker, visual artist and ThD candidate at Duke Divinity, on resisting the temptation to imagine we live our lives outside of work when we clearly don't.

Anselm Kieffer Glaube Hoffnung Liebe

The Unimaginable

Graham Ward, Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford, probes the penumbra between the imagined & the unimaginable where the mystery of God is made known to us.

Richat Structure Srtm

The Post-Liberal Spirituality of John Rawls

David Walsh, Catholic University of America Professor of Politics, argues John Rawls was no liberal Rawlsian in his lifelong commitment to thinking religion.

Adam And Eve

Sex and Symbol

Abigail Favale, Director of the William Penn Honors Program at George Fox University, reflects on how gender studies led to her convert to Catholicism.

Capture 2

The Redemption of Status and Hierarchy

Renée Roden, graduate of ND's MTS program, gets beyond the Met Gala and reflects on the exhibition "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination."

A Prayer for the Rich?

Julia Smucker, theologian, translator, & activist, builds the case for a more universal application of DB Hart's debt-driven reading of the Lord's Prayer.

Pier San Sceondo

Must Catholics Hate Hegel?

Jordan Daniel Wood & Justin Shaun Coyle rebut the claim that Hegel's philosophy ruined German Catholicism.

Hegel By Kugler

A Prayer for the Poor

David Bentley Hart, theologian and translator of the New Testament, imagines the Lord's Prayer anew by analyzing its historical context of debt slavery.

Van Gogh Soup Kitchen

The Mass: Heart of the Church and Academia

Leonardo Franchi, lecturer in Religious Education at the University of Glasgow, discusses the importance of the liturgy to Catholic academic life.

Diego De La Cruz The Mass Of Saint Gregory Google Art Project

The Assumption and Gender

James Waalkes, transitional deacon for the Diocese of Arlington (VA), examines what the dogma of the Assumption of the BVM tells us about reality.

Lorenzo Lotto