March 2017

An Ethic of Listening

I love to write and speak—definitely a verbal processor—but I wouldn’t say I’m naturally a good listener. This double-edged sword makes me an effective rhetorician but also a candidate for what St. Paul refers to ...

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Can Liturgy Heal a Secular Age?

Timothy P. O'Malley on how liturgy can be healing of a secular age. But only if we understand secularity and ritual well.


Can We Get Lent Wrong?

Timothy O'Malley on the various ways that we can get Lent wrong.

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5 Lenten Practices that Aren't Giving Up Chocolate

With Ash Wednesday now come and gone, Catholics everywhere embark on their journey of Lenten disciplines. Lenten penitence can quickly begin to feel rote. While there is still great spiritual benefit in denying ourselves dessert or Netfl...

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