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  1. A Brief Theology of the As If

    Philipp W. Rosemann, Chair of Philosophy at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, presents a novel Ratzingerian approach to the faith.

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  2. Lourdes from the Perspective of a Wheelchair

    Catherine Sims Kuiper, Postdoctoral Fellow at Notre Dame’s Kaneb Center, relates what it's like to visit Lourdes as a deeply ill pilgrim. 


  3. Values or Virtues?

    Rémi Brague, Emeritus Professor of medieval and Arabic philosophy at the University of Paris I, illustrates the crucial difference between virtue and value. 

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  4. What Makes Charles Taylor so Attractive?

    Anthony Sciglitano, Seton Hall Associate Professor in Religion, gives four reasons why philosopher Charles Taylor's work is important to ecclesial life.

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  5. The Barbarian and the Virgin Mary

    Dwight Lindley, Associate Professor of English at Hillsdale College, looks to the Virgin Mary for a non-abstract inclusivity.

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  6. Welcome to Our New Site!

    Senior Editors Timothy O'Malley and Artur Sebastian Rosman invite you to browse through our new user-friendly site.

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  7. Educational Theory Stifles Education

    Samuel D. Rocha, UBC Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Education, takes a look at education theory through a messianic lens.

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  8. Church Life Journal's Best of 2018

    Artur Rosman, Managing Editor of Church Life Journal, reviews our journal's most-read essays of 2018 and looks forward to 2019.


  9. Fitting a Saddle Onto a Cow

    Brooke Tranten, ND MTS history of Christianity student, observes how and why communism failed in Poland because of the Church.

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  10. Lonergan's Communal Novum Organon

    Rev. John Cush, Academic Dean of the Pontifical North American College in Rome, lays out Lonergan's theological achievement and what lies ahead of it.

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  11. The Catholic Resistance to Corporatized College

    Anthony Sciglitano, Associate Professor in Religion at Seton Hall, looks to Catholic universities for resistance to the corporatization of higher education.

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  12. There Is No Salvation Through the University

    Timothy O'Malley, Director of the ND Center for Liturgy, on the insignificance of law school admissions and entrance into MBA programs for salvation.

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  13. School as Personalist Community

    Education is power. I’ve heard this many times, and I don’t disagree. However, our educational system is in crisis. Our diocesan schools are in crisis, and the solutions coming from the top don’t really seem to be helpi...


  14. Why (Most) Dorm Parties Make Love Impossible

    Last week, in the blog for my class on the sacrament of marriage, I addressed how pornography has malformed the imagination of most Catholics, making it difficult for the gift of love intrinsic to the spousal relationship to take pl...


  15. Thoughts on a Theology of Teaching: You Give Them Something to Eat

    When I found out that I got a job teaching high school theology, I began to ask all of the teachers I knew what advice they had for me. I heard all kinds of things about classroom management and lesson plan preparation. However, the one ...

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  16. The Universality and Idiosyncrasy of Sainthood

    Every saint is idiosyncratic. On the face of it, this seems so self-evident that we might wonder why it even needs to be said. Of course, St. Ignatius of Antioch is different from St. Ignatius of Loyola. Obviously, St. Teresa of Ávi...

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