Leonard J. DeLorenzo

Leonard J. DeLorenzo, Ph.D. serves in the McGrath Institute for Church Life and teaches theology at Notre Dame. His book on death, desire, and the communion of saints is Work of Love: A Theological Reconstruction of the Communion of Saints.


  1. The November Night Before Advent

    Leonard DeLorenzo contemplates this year's uninterrupted transition from November into Advent.

    Alphonse Osbert La Solitude Du Christ

  2. Long After the Prodigal Son's Return

    Leonard DeLorenzo, faculty member at the McGrath Institute for Church Life, engages Abigail Favale's memoir to reimagine the period long after the Prodigal's return. 

    Rodin Prodigal Son

  3. What Social Media Does to Time

    Leonard DeLorenzo, faculty member at the McGrath Institute for Church Life, breaks down how social media breaks down time.

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  4. Unfulfilled Promise: The Synod on Young People

    Leonard DeLorenzo, faculty member at the McGrath Institute for Church Life, compares the expectations and achievements of the Synod on Young People.

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  5. Love Is Always Conditional

    Leonard DeLorenzo, faculty member at the McGrath Institute for Church Life, on the conditions that make the human condition what it is.

    Medieval Saints

  6. Skin in the Game

    Leonard DeLorenzo, faculty at the McGrath Institute for Church Life, analyzes the demanding formational theology of the film Paul, Apostle of Christ.

    Martyrdom Of St

  7. Resetting the Synod

    Leonard DeLorenzo, McGrath Institute for Church Life lecturer, counsels avoiding antagonisms in debates about Synod 2018 by modelling mercy.

    Bertholet Flemalle Conversion Of Saint Paul On The Road To Damascus

  8. Why Would Young People Want to Remain Catholic?

    Leonard J. DeLorenzo, McGrath Institute for Church Life lecturer and chief organizer of the Cultures of Formation conference, examines the challenges facing Synod 2018.

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  9. Belief in the Communion of Saints Isn't Optional

    Leonard J. DeLorenzo, director of Notre Dame Vision, lays out why there is no doubt the communio sanctorum is central to a fully orthodox Catholic faith.

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  10. The Light By Which We See: The Problem of Promise and Identity

    Editors' Note: This post is an excerpt from the beginning of the first chapter of DeLorenzo’s new book Witness: Learning to Tell the Story of Grace That Illumine Our Lives, published by and reprinted with the permission of Ave Mari...
  11. Pilgrimage and the Urgent Question of Faith

    What happens when a pilgrimage becomes an urgent question? Leonard DeLorenzo thinks about this after his recent pilgrimage to Malta with Notre Dame.

    Mary And Child

  12. Mother Teresa and the Pain of Joy

    On September 4, 2016, the woman who claimed that if she ever became a saint she would “surely be one of ‘darkness’”[1] will enter the canon of the Church in broad daylight, for all the world to see. Till the end o...

    Delorenzo Crop

  13. Three Steps to a Better Understanding of the Year of Mercy

    The Year of Mercy is a call to action, but first of all, it is a call to contemplate the action of God. In the words of Pope Francis, “We need constantly to contemplate the mystery of mercy.” But contemplation is really hard ...

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  14. Being Hungry Is What Happens To Us

    Lent is the journey into deeper conformity with Christ who emptied himself unto death and who, risen, is the gift of everlasting life. In Luke 4 Jesus’ self-emptying is presented in his period of temptation in the desert. When enco...