May 2019

Love Before Work

Colleen Halpin, Church Life Intern at the MICL, considers Maximilian Kolbe's witness of love against the message of Auschwitz's gates.

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War Is Boring

Scott Beauchamp on the boredom of war and modern life.

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The Cry of the Earth in Pan-Amazonia

Lucas Briola, Assistant Theology Professor at Saint Vincent College, unearths striking CST developments in a pre-synod document on the Pan-Amazonian region.

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The Spiritual Desert Isn't Optional

Joshua J. Whitfield, theologian and Pastoral Administrator, looks for a preaching that can resound in our desertified spiritual landscape.


Aquinas in Ecstasy

Cyril O'Regan, ND Huisking Chair of Theology, encapsulates a recent ecstatic ressourcement of Aquinas's theology.

Zurbaran Thomas Aquinas

A Medieval Quasi-Defense of the New Moralism

Chase Padusniak, Princeton English PhD candidate, shows moralism's importance to the medievals and how it might be reasonably applied today.

St Michael Weighing Souls

The Barbarian and the Virgin Mary

Dwight Lindley, Associate Professor of English at Hillsdale College, looks to the Virgin Mary for a non-abstract inclusivity.

Virgin Mary Mantegna

Pushing Back Against Marilynne Robinson's Theology

Jessica Hooten Wilson, Associate Professor of Literature and Creative Writing at John Brown University, pushes back against Robinson's Emersonian theology with the help of Flannery O'Connor.


The Message Is the Messenger

Anne-Sophie Constant, Jean Vanier's biographer, reflects on Vanier's witness to God choosing the weak of the world to shame the strong.

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Welcome to Our New Site!

Senior Editors Timothy O'Malley and Artur Sebastian Rosman invite you to browse through our new user-friendly site.

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Clearer Catholic Thinking About Islam

Gabriel Said Reynolds, ND Professor of Islamic Studies and Theology, takes a look at Islam from a Catholic perspective ahead of Ramadan.

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God, Country, and Joan of Arc

Ann Astell, ND Professor of Theology, explains Joan of Arc's significance in terms of God, Country, and Notre Dame.

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