Does the Mass Say Christmas Is About Justice?

John O’Callaghan, ND Associate Professor of Philosophy, questions the liturgy to see whether Christmas is about justice or... something else.

Jan Baptist Van Meunincxhove The Burg In Bruges

A Commonplace Christmas

Anne Horcher, University of Notre Dame English major and intern for the ND Center for Liturgy, meditates upon G.K. Chesterton's poem "The Nativity."

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Fear the Innocence of Children

Georges Bernanos imagines what an agnostic would preach to a congregation of ordinary believers.

Jesus John The Baptist Cranach

Faith Is Not a Big Electric Blanket

Jordan Haddad, CUA Ph.D. student in Systematic Theology, discusses Flannery O'Connor's channeling of John the Baptist's freakish Advent spirit.

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Love Is Always Conditional

Leonard DeLorenzo, faculty member at the McGrath Institute for Church Life, on the conditions that make the human condition what it is.

Medieval Saints

The Four Waves of the U.S. Catholic Abuse Crisis

Kim Daniels, Initiative on Catholic Social Thought & Public Life Associate Director, puts the 2018 crisis in historical perspective & looks for a way forward.

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Third Sunday in Advent: A Call to Surrender

Anne Horcher, University of Notre Dame English major and intern for the ND Center for Liturgy, analyzes John Keble's “Third Sunday in Advent.”

Around The Sea Of Galilee

The History of Natural Law

John Milbank, President of the Centre of Theology and Philosophy, continues his series by laying out the history of natural law.

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Fitting a Saddle Onto a Cow

Brooke Tranten, ND MTS history of Christianity student, observes how and why communism failed in Poland because of the Church.

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The Sham Practice of Christmas

Haley Stewart, writer, speaker, and podcaster looks to Josef Pieper and Charles Dickens to critique the hyper-commercialization of the Christmas season.

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The Virgin Mary as “Eternal Woman”

Ann Astell, ND Professor of Theology, revisits Getrud von Le Fort's theology of femininity in light of Prudence Allen's Concept of Woman.

Pilgrim Praying In Front Of Icon Of Saint Mary In Ukraine

The Unremarkable Sunday in Advent

Anne Horcher, University of Notre Dame English major and intern for the ND Center for Liturgy, analyzes John Keble's “Second Sunday in Advent.”

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Advent Flesh?

Paul Griffiths, theologian and author of many books, applies the arguments of his new book "Christian Flesh" to the Advent season.

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Advocata Nostra and the Devil's Due

Stephen Metzger, PhD ND Medieval Institute, investigates the meaning and purpose of calling the Blessed Virgin Mary our advocate, especially during Advent.

Mary Punching Devil

First Sunday in Advent: The Bridegroom Comes

Timothy O'Malley, Director ND Center for Liturgy, kicks off our Advent commentary on devotional poetry series with Christina Rossetti's "Advent Sunday."

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Newman's Strategic Reassembly of Secular Trends

Samuel Bellafiore, deacon and seminarian for the Diocese of Albany, dissects how Newman took a theological turn using the secularizing philosophy of his day.

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Lonergan's Communal Novum Organon

Rev. John Cush, Academic Dean of the Pontifical North American College in Rome, lays out Lonergan's theological achievement and what lies ahead of it.

The Nightwatch By Rembrandt

Charles Péguy's Difficult Hope

Anne Carpenter, Assistant Professor of Theology at Saint Mary’s College (CA), digs into the roots of Charles Péguy's art and politics.

Zurbaran Shroud

Derrida, Politics, and the Little Way

Michael Altenburger, Notre Dame PhD in Systematic Theology, deconstructs Jacques Derrida's (non-)commitments to theology.

Therese Joan Of Arc

Spirits, Souls... Tunics?

David Bentley Hart, theologian and New Testament translator, goes from biblical tunics to worlds not yet discovered.

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Dignity or Victimhood?

Abigail Favale, George Fox University Director of the William Penn Honors Program, examines to what extent victimhood culture should be adopted by Christians.

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The Crisis of Catholic Moral Theology

Charles Camosy, Fordham University Associate Professor of Christian Ethics, identifies the causes of the crisis in the discipline of Catholic moral theology.

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