Jessica Keating

Jessica Keating is the director of the Notre Dame Office of Human Dignity and Life Initiatives, where she engages in scholarship that strives to recover the concept of human dignity for the theological and philosophical imagination.


  1. The Church Has a Morbid Streak

    Jessica Keating, Dir. of the Office of Human Dignity and Life Initiatives at the Institute for Church Life, dives into the strange ironies of sainthood.

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  2. St. Maximilian Kolbe and the War Against Indifference

    More than one concentration camp survivor has remarked that one would need the pen of Dante to describe the horrors that afflicted the “great army of unknown and unrecorded victims.”[1] Hell is that abyss that skews vision an...


  3. Debunking Abortion Myths: Part 1

    Jessica Keating, Director of the ND Institute for Church Life Human Dignity & Life Initiatives, sets to demythologizing abortion commonplaces.

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  4. Three 'Single' Thoughts on Marriage

    Thinking about marriage is not simply something that married people can do. Here, a single woman reflects on the gift of marriage through her own vocation.

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