Claire Fyrqvist

Claire Fyrqvist is a mother, writer, and pro-life activist. Having spent several years working in the pro-life movement, she now helps run a Montessori co-operative preschool, and seeks to integrate human dignity and the defense of all life in the context of radical home making.


  1. Are Real-Life Pro-Lifers Only Pro-Birth?

    Claire Fyrqvist, writer and pro-life activist, questions the conventional wisdom that pro-lifers only care about the baby in the womb.

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  2. School as Personalist Community

    Education is power. I’ve heard this many times, and I don’t disagree. However, our educational system is in crisis. Our diocesan schools are in crisis, and the solutions coming from the top don’t really seem to be helpi...


  3. An Ethic of Listening

    I love to write and speak—definitely a verbal processor—but I wouldn’t say I’m naturally a good listener. This double-edged sword makes me an effective rhetorician but also a candidate for what St. Paul refers to ...

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  4. St. Teresa of Kolkata: Icon of Human Dignity

    I first “met” Mother Teresa when I was about eight years old passing countless times by a small magazine clipping posted on our fridge. On it was one of those striking photographs of her holding a small child, the lines deep ...

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