October 2019

Is Democracy Moral?

Zbigniew Stawrowski argues that modern democracy is moral but unethical.

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This Is Your Mind on Scriptures

Gabriel Reynolds, Francesca Murphy, Mun'im Sirry, and Tzvi Novick on the importance of minding scripture(s). 

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How to Bless a Child

Anna Keating on how blessings realign our world with Heaven.

Christ Blessing

Anchoring Authority

Leonardo Franichi  navigates seemingly competing claims.


The Church Multiplies Tragedy

Romano Guardini, priest and theologian, on accepting the Church as she is with all her tragedies.

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A Patron Saint of Evolution?

Berta Moritz, science writer, examines Newman's relationship to Darwin's discoveries.

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The Last Knight of Scholastic Philosophy

Catherine Sims Kuiper, Collegiate Professor of Liberal Arts at Hillsdale College, praises the Baroque excesses of Suarez.

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Newman: Saint and Modern Doctor of the Church?

Erich Przywara, one of the most influential 20th c. theologians, argues that Cardinal Newman should not only be declared a saint, but a Doctor of the Church.

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Newman and the Dis-Asters of Modernity

  Cyril O'Regan, University of Notre Dame Huisking Chair in Theology, explains John Henry Newman's contribution to the present age.  

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The Idea of a Seminary?

Paul Monson, Sacred Heart Seminary Professor of Church history, asks what has the university to do with the seminary?

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Where Is the Fault Lodged?

Amy Welborn, author of over two dozen books on Catholic spirituality, revisits Souls and Bodies and the Sixties.

Monument To The Hippie Era

Are Jansenists Among Us?

Shaun Blanchard, Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University Theology Assitant Professor, denies the existence of contemporary Jansenists.

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Jane Austen's Daily Mirrors of Marriage

Haley Stewart, writer, speaker, and podcaster looks into the mirror of Austen's novels for a realistic picture of Holy Matrimony. 

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Has Literature Regained Its Faith?

Angela Alaimo O'Donnell, Curran Center for American Catholic Studies Associate Director, recognizes the big progress made in putting Catholic literature back on the literary map. 

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Hägglund’s Defense of Faust

Michael Shindler, a writer based in DC, inspects the coherence of Hagglund's secular faith

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