Robert G. Christian III

Robert Christian is the editor of Millennial, an online journal by millennial Catholics on politics, religion and culture.   


  1. Remedies for American Catholic Polarization

    Robert G. Christian III, Editor of Millennial Journal, proposes remedies for the recent exponential growth in Catholic polarization.


  2. The Roots of American Catholic Polarization

    Robert G. Christian III, co-founder and editor of Millennial Journal, digs up the political roots of American Catholic polarization.

    Cumberland Merrimack

  3. The Politics of Gratitude

    What can break the cycle of poverty? Only the grateful recognition that all is gift, and that all have a responsibility to share their goods with others.

    Christian Crop Soupline

  4. Syria and the Responsibility to Protect

    Human Dignity vs. the Throwaway Culture Human dignity is innate by virtue of each human person being made in the image of God. It is independent of a person’s role in society, talents and weaknesses, and demographic profile. Each p...

    1280px An Aerial View Of The Za Atri Refugee Camp

  5. Catholic Feminism

    Robert G. Christian III on what a Catholic feminism might look like.

    Christian Crop