Liturgy and the New Evangelization: It Begins

The Center for Liturgy will be hosting our annual Symposium on Liturgy and the New Evangelization starting tonight at 7:00 PM in McKenna Hall at the University of Notre Dame. There are over 200 pastoral ministers, theologians, and publishers from around the country.

You can follow along with the events on Twitter at #NDLiturgy16. Those interested in asking questions of the presenters via Twitter can follow us @timothypomalley. And send questions during any of the sessions to this Twitter account.

In addition, we'll have a post at the beginning of everyday letting those who can't attend participate in some small way.

Up first tonight, Dr. Christian Smith and the results of his study on parenting and faith formation.



Timothy P. O’Malley

Timothy P. O’Malley is the director of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy, associate professional specialist in the department of theology at the University of Notre Dame, and founding editor of Church Life Journal.

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