September 2018

Attempts to Explain Cosmogony Scientifically

Stephen Barr, physicist and president of the Society of Catholic Scientists, explains what is at stake in scientific theories of the beginning.


Ah, to Live in a Cosmos Again!

John Brungardt looks at how pictures of the cosmos are formed and what it takes to make one today.


Georges Bataille: The Dark Soul of the Night

Andrew Kuiper, writer and publisher, tests what Catholics can learn from the religious impulses in George Bataille's atheistic Theory of Religion.

Surrealist Picture

Frankenstein's Scientific Chaoskampf

Ben Parks, SLU PhD student in Theology and Bioethics, compares the creation of Dr. Frankenstein's monster to ancient myths of creating order from chaos.

Frankensteins Monster Boris Karloff

If the Mother of the Maccabees Knew of Atoms

Stacy Trasancos, bestselling author on the topic of science and religion, looks at how contemporary scientific knowledge sheds light on the martyrdom of the Maccabees.

Attavante Degli Attavanti Martyrdom Of The Seven Hebrew Brothers C

Reality Is Bigger Than the Human Mind

Christopher Baglow, Director of the McGrath Science & Religion Initiative, recalls early modern science's mistakes and explores how theology can move beyond them.

Leonardo Head

Science Is Not as Important as We Believe

Chase Padusniak, Princeton University English Department PhD candidate, on the relative importance of speaking to science within the New Evangelization.

Apollo 10 Earthrise