Roberto J. De La Noval

Roberto J. De La Noval is a University of Notre Dame PhD in theology who translates Russian theological texts. He is also a freelance commentator on theology, philosophy, and pop culture whose online writings can be found here.


  1. The Kids Aren't Alt-Lite

    Roberto De La Noval on the Heroes of the Fourth Turning.

    1500px Stanis Aw Ignacy Witkiewicz Dwie G Owy Google Art Project

  2. Fleabag, Fully-Clothed

    Roberto De La Noval explores the hit show Fleabag and the depths of desire.

    1 Fleabag

  3. Reading the Writing in the Dirt

    Roberto De La Noval, ND PhD candidate in Theology, reads Jesus's writing in the sand back into the Old Testament.

    Jesus Und Ehebrecherin