John P. Manfredi

John Paul Manfredi is a Theology teacher at Marin Catholic College Preparatory High School in Kentfield, California in the Archdiocese of San Francisco and a master’s student in the University of Notre Dame Department of Theology. John Paul has served as a high school youth minister and catechist in the Diocese of Las Vegas and has written for EpicPew and The Catholic Response. Most importantly, John Paul is a husband and father of two.


  1. The Catholic Imagination in the Classroom

    My students have grown accustomed to their senses being bombarded with stimulation. They find it difficult, as do I, to cut off from the noise of the fast-paced world swirling around them. Too often, the media that falls in their lap, or...

    Manfredi Collage

  2. God's Patience and the Bible

    How do we teach our students the virtue of patience? John Paul Manfredi suggests that this education can take place through forming our students to read the Scriptures.