Elaine Stratton Hild

Elaine Stratton Hild is a musicologist with Corpus monodicum (Universität Würzburg), a long-term research project dedicated to producing scholarly editions of previously unpublished repertories of medieval plainchant. Her recent book, Tropen zu den Antiphonen der Messe aus Quellen französischer Herkunft (2017), presents proper trope repertories for the liturgy of the Mass, as they appear in medieval manuscripts from France. She is currently a fellow with the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study, where she is preparing a scholarly edition of the chants sung in the Middle Ages as part of the rites for the sick and dying.


  1. Medieval Rites and Contemporary Dying

    Elaine Stratton Hild, musicologist and NDIAS Fellow, looks at how medieval rites for the dying, especially music, can be applied to contemporary contexts.

    Ward In The Hospital In Arles