Chase Padusniak

Chase Padusniak is a PhD candidate in Princeton University's Department of English, where he specializes in medieval literature. In addition to his academic pursuits, Chase spends time working on creative projects such as films, poetry, and cultivating negativity.


  1. Think Medieval Lent Was Tough?

    Chase Padusniak takes a realistic look at medieval Lenten and Carnival practices.

    Medieval Classes Lent

  2. We're Not Mystics

    Chase Padusniak, PhD candidate in Princeton's English Department, deepens Rahner’s line on mysticism.

    Josep Benlliure Gil43

  3. A Medieval Quasi-Defense of the New Moralism

    Chase Padusniak, Princeton English PhD candidate, shows moralism's importance to the medievals and how it might be reasonably applied today.

    St Michael Weighing Souls

  4. Science Is Not as Important as We Believe

    Chase Padusniak, Princeton University English Department PhD candidate, on the relative importance of speaking to science within the New Evangelization.

    Apollo 10 Earthrise

  5. Embrace Negativity or Risk Never Being Happy

    Chase Padusniak, Princeton English Department PhD candidate, takes Byung-Chul Han as guide through the paradoxes of (not) attaining true happiness.

    1278px Caspar David Friedrich Two Men Contemplating The Moon Google Art Project E1534815580714