Carole Baker

Carole Baker is a Th.D. candidate at Duke Divinity School. Her dissertation, Communion of Incorruption: A Theology of Icons and Relics, looks at the theological significance of relics and holy images and the ecclesiology that informs that significance. Baker also studies traditional icon-writing with a Russian Orthodox school of iconology and exhibits contemporary paintings and installations in both sacred and secular spaces. She is the mother of two.


  1. The Idolatry of Work

    Carole Baker, visual artist and ThD candidate at Duke Divinity, on resisting the temptation to imagine we live our lives outside of work when we clearly don't.

    Anselm Kieffer Glaube Hoffnung Liebe

  2. Traversing Marian Economics

    Carole Baker. visual artist and ThD candidate at Duke Divinity School, reflects upon the different effects of her Marian images upon Protestants and Catholics.

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