Anna Keating

Anna Keating is the co-author of The Catholic Catalogue: A Field Guide to The Daily Acts That Make Up a Catholic Life and the Catholic chaplain at Colorado College. She co-owns and lives above Keating Woodworks, a handmade furniture studio.


  1. How to Bless a Child

    Anna Keating on how blessings realign our world with Heaven.

    Christ Blessing

  2. Addressing the American Suicide Contagion

    Anna Keating, author of The Catholic Catalogue & Colorado College Catholic chaplain, proposes solutions to the suicide epidemic in the United States.

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  3. The Perfect Family Is an Idol

    Anna Keating, author of The Catholic Catalogue, discusses why the American idea of family, the nuclear family, is way too small.

    Hortus Deliciarum Der Tanz Um Das Goldene Kalb