Scott Beauchamp

Scott Beauchamp’s writing has appeared in The Paris Review, American Affairs, and Bookforum, among other places. His book Did You Kill Anyone? is forthcoming from Zero Books.


  1. The Consumer's Regress

    Scott Beauchamp on the spiritual twists and turns of crass consumerism. 

    San Junipero Black Mirror

  2. Our New World Without Kith or Kin

    Scott Beauchamp, author of the forthcoming "Did You Kill Anyone?," breaks down the Second Demographic Transition's plague of lonely deaths.

    Loneliness In A Crowd

  3. War Is Boring

    Scott Beauchamp on the boredom of war and modern life.

    1280px Defense

  4. Vaporwave and Simone Weil's Void

    Scott Beauchamp, writer and author of the forthcoming "Did You Kill Anyone?," introduces the vaporwave aesthetic as a compliment to Simone Weil's mysticism.

    Vaporwave Venus