1. Time and Meaning

    Frank Pasquale on the speed of a life worth living. 

    1100 Olga Boznanska Breton Woman

  1. Dante and the Liturgical Formation of Desire

    Randall Rosenberg, professor of theology at Saint Louis University, unveils the deep liturgical roots of Dante's poetic re-integration of desire and love.

    Dante Allegorical Portrait E1523922293323

  1. Is the Bible Racist?

    Yves Congar, OP on the lack of any arguments for racism in the Bible.

    1100 Mikheev Exodus

  1. Truth and Courage

    Catherine Pickstock on aspects of the truth. 

    1100 Court Of Pilates Sant Apollinare Nuovo Ravenna 2016

  2. Who Is the Priest We Want?

    John Cavadini on the priestly vocation of being set apart for one's parish.

    1100px Giuseppe Molteni Confession 1838

  3. A Requiem for Attention?

    Mike St. Thomas on losing the war against digital distraction with psychedelics. 

    1100 Manet A Bar At The Folies Berg Re 1882