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  1. Golden Beauty Lies Sometimes

    Anne Carpenter, Assistant Professor of Theology at St. Mary’s College, critiques the Baroque Catholic imagination through the history of race.

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  2. Economics After Luther

    John Milbank, President of the Centre of Theology & Philosophy, reconsiders the role Luther played in the emergence of unfettered capitalism. 

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  3. The Severity of Universal Salvation

    Taylor Ross, Duke PhD student of Early Christianity, scrutinizes the severe logic of universal salvation as taught by some of the Fathers. 


  4. Love Before Work

    Colleen Halpin, Church Life Intern at the MICL, considers Maximilian Kolbe's witness of love against the message of Auschwitz's gates.

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  5. The Cry of the Earth in Pan-Amazonia

    Lucas Briola, Assistant Theology Professor at Saint Vincent College, unearths striking CST developments in a pre-synod document on the Pan-Amazonian region.

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  6. Aquinas in Ecstasy

    Cyril O'Regan, ND Huisking Chair of Theology, encapsulates a recent ecstatic ressourcement of Aquinas's theology.

    Zurbaran Thomas Aquinas

  7. A Medieval Quasi-Defense of the New Moralism

    Chase Padusniak, Princeton English PhD candidate, shows moralism's importance to the medievals and how it might be reasonably applied today.

    St Michael Weighing Souls

  8. Clearer Catholic Thinking About Islam

    Gabriel Said Reynolds, ND Professor of Islamic Studies and Theology, takes a look at Islam from a Catholic perspective ahead of Ramadan.

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  9. Can Christianity Stop at Good Friday?

    Christopher Iacovetti, graduate student in the University of Chicago Divinity School, evaluates Simone Weil's battle against compensatory theologies.


  10. The Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire Isn't a Sign

    Timothy O’Malley, ND Center for Liturgy Director, reads the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral fire theologically, rather than purely culturally.

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  11. Remedies for American Catholic Polarization

    Robert G. Christian III, Editor of Millennial Journal, proposes remedies for the recent exponential growth in Catholic polarization.


  12. Reading the Writing in the Dirt

    Roberto De La Noval, ND PhD candidate in Theology, reads Jesus's writing in the sand back into the Old Testament.

    Jesus Und Ehebrecherin

  13. The Gospels Manifest a Poetic Christ

    Columcille Dever and Matthew Vale, ND PhD candidates in Systematic Theology, read the poetic bedrock of Fr. Venard's reading of the Gospels and Aquinas.

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  14. Gabriel Marcel and the Discovery of Fatherhood

    Sr. Prudence Allen, RSM, member of the International Theological Commission, on the relevance of Gabriel Marcel's philosophy of fatherhood and the family.

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  15. Integralism and the Logic of the Cross

    Edmund Waldstein, O.Cist., a monk of Stift Heiligenkreuz, addresses criticisms of the integralist position's logic.

    San Clemente Apse

  16. Justice and Rights in Europe Today

    John Milbank, President of the Centre of Theology and Philosophy, wraps up his series by laying out the history of natural law


  17. Maritain's Postwar Compromise of Natural Law

    John Milbank, President of the Centre of Theology and Philosophy, criticizes Jacques Maritain's contribution to the postwar human rights revolution.

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  18. The Faith of Ancient Philosophy's Fathers

    John C. Cavadini, Director of the McGrath Institute for Church Life, contemplates the element of faith in pre-Christian philosophy.

    Socrates Efes Museum

  19. Burke's Romantic Restoration of Natural Law

    John Milbank, President of the Centre of Theology and Philosophy, continues his CLJ series by considering Edmund Burke's ressourcement of natural law.

    Edmund Burke

  20. Renewing Nouvelle Théologie

    Cyril O'Regan, ND Huisking Chair of Theology, makes evident why nouvelle théologie answers the questions raised by Charles Taylor in A Secular Age.

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  21. The History of Natural Right

    John Milbank, President of the Centre of Theology and Philosophy, continues his series by surveying the history of natural right.

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