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  1. The Faith of Ancient Philosophy's Fathers

    John C. Cavadini, Director of the McGrath Institute for Church Life, contemplates the element of faith in pre-Christian philosophy.

    Socrates Efes Museum

  2. Burke's Romantic Restoration of Natural Law

    John Milbank, President of the Centre of Theology and Philosophy, continues his CLJ series by considering Edmund Burke's ressourcement of natural law.

    Edmund Burke

  3. Renewing Nouvelle Théologie

    Cyril O'Regan, ND Huisking Chair of Theology, makes evident why nouvelle théologie answers the questions raised by Charles Taylor in A Secular Age.

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  4. The History of Natural Right

    John Milbank, President of the Centre of Theology and Philosophy, continues his series by surveying the history of natural right.

    Giotto Sermon To The Birds

  5. The Darkness of Hope

    Kristen Drahos, Fellow in the Western Heritage Program at Carthage College, considers how Thérèse of Lisieux challenges Walter Benjamin's wreck of history.

    Assistants And George Frederic Watts Hope Google Art Project

  6. The History of Natural Law

    John Milbank, President of the Centre of Theology and Philosophy, continues his series by laying out the history of natural law.

    Lorenzetti Allegory Good Government

  7. Lonergan's Communal Novum Organon

    Rev. John Cush, Academic Dean of the Pontifical North American College in Rome, lays out Lonergan's theological achievement and what lies ahead of it.

    The Nightwatch By Rembrandt

  8. Derrida, Politics, and the Little Way

    Michael Altenburger, Notre Dame PhD in Systematic Theology, deconstructs Jacques Derrida's (non-)commitments to theology.

    Therese Joan Of Arc

  9. Spirits, Souls... Tunics?

    David Bentley Hart, theologian and New Testament translator, goes from biblical tunics to worlds not yet discovered.

    Mosaic Of The Vault Of The Chapel Of San Zeno Ix Century

  10. What Is Integralism Today?

    Edmund Waldstein, O.Cist., a monk of Stift Heiligenkreuz, provides the essential background to the renewed integralism debate among Catholics.

    Louis In Prayer

  11. Why Is Faith Dead Without Works?

    Addison Hodges Hart, author, theologian, and priest, uses the Book of James to judge the dichotomy between faith and works.

    Wittenberg In Winter 2005 47

  12. The Orthodox Schism Under Western Eyes

    Chase Padusniak, Princeton English Department PhD Candidate, explains why the largest schism since the Reformation is escaping serious notice in the West.

    Orthodox Schism

  13. Joseph Ratzinger Is Not a Platonist

    Timothy P. O’Malley, Director of the ND Center for Liturgy, read's Benedict XVI conception of God as interrupting history rather than escaping into eternity.

    Mosaique Romaine

  14. A Defense of Ultramontanism Contra Gallicanism

    Taylor Patrick O'Neill, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Mount Mercy University, critiques abuses of the term "ultramontanism."

    Pius Ix Vatican I

  15. Embrace Negativity or Risk Never Being Happy

    Chase Padusniak, Princeton English Department PhD candidate, takes Byung-Chul Han as guide through the paradoxes of (not) attaining true happiness.

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  16. Cultivating Benedictine Wonder

    Jane Peters, writer and PhD candidate in historical theology at Marquette University, gives you a generous first-person slice of the Benedictine life.

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  17. None of Us Shall Enter the Kingdom?

    Luís Pinto de Sá, SLU doctoral candidate in philosophy, looks at one of the classics of world cinema, Ordet, a film about the theological virtue of faith.


  18. Ora et Labora: Christians Don't Need Leisure

    Paul J. Griffiths, former Duke Warren Chair of Catholic Theology, argues that there is nothing for the Christian between work and prayer in a Fallen World.

    Two Monks Working In The Blacksmith Shop At Mission Santa Barbara Ca