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  1. Evolution, Cooperation, and God

    Sarah Coakley on the compatibility of recent evolutionary discoveries with classical theism.

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  2. Evolution and the Human Soul

    Christopher Baglow on human origins and the porous boundaries between science and religion.

    1100 Malczewski Into The Air

  3. A Patron Saint of Evolution?

    Berta Moritz, science writer, examines Newman's relationship to Darwin's discoveries.

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  4. The Cry of the Earth in Pan-Amazonia

    Lucas Briola, Assistant Theology Professor at Saint Vincent College, unearths striking CST developments in a pre-synod document on the Pan-Amazonian region.

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  5. Does Darwinian Evolution Petrify God's Image?

    Abigail Favale, George Fox U. Wm. Penn Honors Program, hammers away at the commonplace that Darwin blocked all ways back to seeing humans as an image of God.

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