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  1. Let's Not Ignore Scientific Faith

    Noelle Johnson, MICL intern in the Science & Religion Initiative, enlists Michael Polanyi to discuss the faith and beliefs that undergird science itself.

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  2. I Used to Be a Creationist

    I have a confession to make: I used to be a creationist. This probably sounds absurd, especially coming from a student at a university which prides itself on its commitment to faith and reason—a university which was even home to on...

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  3. Agrarian Insights on Ecological Conversion

    Pope Francis’s Laudato Si’ posed a tremendous challenge for the Church and the entire world. Although the encyclical letter was seen widely as an intervention on climate change negotiations, it in fact offered much more ...

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  4. Nourishing the Imagination: Science & Religion

    As anyone reading this article is likely to know already, the McGrath Institute for Church Life is dedicated to nourishing the Catholic imagination and renewing the Church. The past three years of my work in the MICL have made the claim ...

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