Émilie Tardivel-Schick

Émilie Tardivel-Schick is a philosopher, professor and scientific director of the "Chair of the Common Good" at the Institut Catholique de Paris. She is also a member of the French redaction of the International Catholic Review Communio. She is author of a book on the Czech philosopher Jan Patočka, La liberté au principe (Vrin, 2011), which received the Prix La Bruyère of the Académie française, an essay based on the political writings of some Church Fathers, Tout pouvoir vient de Dieu (Ad Solem, 2015), and a collection of texts with Jean-Luc Marion, Fenomenologia del dono (Morcelliana, 2018). Her present research focuses upon the conceptual history of the common good and the theme of political theology.


  1. Why Is Christian Citizenship a Paradox?

    Émilie Tardivel-Schick, Institut Catholique de Paris Director of the Chair of the Common Good, outlines the political theology of Paul and the Early Fathers.

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